Fundraiser Information

EllenC Avon has always believed in giving back to the community.  We offer a fundraiser to fit every budget and need.  With us, holding a Fundraiser is as simple as letting me know the dates you want it to run.  There is no paperwork needed and all fundraising is done online.  No touch and totally safe for your members!

You can do a fundraiser for any Organization, Team, Group, Family, or Individual!

  • NO upfront financial commitment
  • NO minimums
  • Earn 20% – 30% of sales
  • Have cash in hand in as little as 2 weeks after the fundraiser ends
  • You can fundraise for any reason, no need to be a nonprofit

It is as easy as sharing your personalized website!

Fundraising has never been so easy

Online fundraising is simple and effective
Avon Online Fundraising Details

Share the fundraising link that will direct them to the online shopping experience and encourage people to shop.  Customers can shop via the website, an online view of the traditional brochure, or the new digital brochure.  We even have the option for a virtual makeup try-on!   Customers pay online, can take advantage of all sales, specials, and bundles.   Customers get free shipping to their door with a $60+ order. Fundraisers can run up to 60 continuous days.  After the fundraiser, I will provide your earnings via one check to the fundraising chairperson.

Two Options for the Fundraiser Setup

  • Option #1 – one fundraiser site for the entire organization.  Simple and effective.
  • Option #2 – One fundraiser site per participant.  Each participant would have their own fundraiser link to share.  This is especially helpful to organizations (often sports teams) that need to track the participation and fundraiser earnings individually.   A final report of the individual earnings per participant will be provided to the fundraiser chairperson.

Learn more about fundraising by contacting me below

Contact me, I would be happy to discuss how I can best help you!

Ellen Compell
Certified Avon Fundraising Specialist
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