So your team needs money. Maybe you are advancing to a championship, going on a trip, need new uniforms or equipment? Your families are tired of coughing up the cash, delivering donuts or cookie dough, and will revolt at the thought of having to do another pancake breakfast or car wash. Yeah, I have been there both as an organization leader, coach, and parent. While fundraising has the word “fun” in it, really, who has fun doing one?

Because of my varied background with youth sports and PTAs/HSAs (among others) I decided to become a fundraising specialist and help out where I could.

What’s different about fundraisers with AVON ?

    • Avon has been around for 130+ years and is a household name. The brand garners respect due to its heritage as well as it’s new and constantly innovating product lines.
    • Fundraising is done online and you simply send the link to the family and friends that would support you.
    • There can be one fundraising site for the entire organization.
    • Another option is to have each child can get their personalized fundraising website so the organization can track individual results if that is needed.
    • Fundraisers can be supported nationwide with products shipped directly to the person placing the order (YOU DON’T HAVE TO DELIVER ANYTHING!). Any order $40+ automatically gets free shipping too!
    • You can track the amount raised on each page throughout the fundraiser.
    • Your organization could receive their earnings in as little as 1-2 weeks after the close of the fundraiser. This can make for a very quick and profitable experience.
    • The organization will receive a prize for their participants to give or raffle off as they deem appropriate.
    • Fundraisers earn* on the following sliding scale (based on the¬†total¬†amount of fundraiser sales – the best for your organization)
  • $1 – $500 earns 25%. On a $499 organization order, you would receive $125
  • $500 – $2000 earns 30%. On a $1999 organization order, you would receive $600

  • $2000+ earns 35%. On a $5,000 organization order, you would receive $1,750

    If your organization is tax-exempt, the only legal way to provide you with products tax-free is to do a traditional fundraiser. This would involve taking orders and collecting payment in person, submitting the orders to us. We would then place the order and deliver the products to your organization, you would then need to pack up and deliver the products. This option but tends to work best on the stuffed animal annual fundraiser. This year it is Finley the Fox (pictured below) and he costs $25.

    We would love to discuss your fundraiser needs and get one setup for you. There is no minimum or obligations of any sort. Fundraisers can typically be setup and started in one day.

    Call / Text (908) 947-8197 or email us at [email protected]

    * Items marked with a diamond in the catalog or online have a maximum earnings of 20% due to the low margins on these items. This typically includes candles, clothing and accessories and home goods.